What I perceive of a wedding is unlike ordinary versions; it’s a blend of poetry and emotions entwined in a story, treasured and cherished for lifetime. I see lights dissolving and forming and dissolving again like fireflies in summer evening, I see colors that mark celebration, and I see sentiments and traditions coinciding. I see joy and heartbreaks, I see promises and commitments, I see apprehension and comfort and yet beyond that I see two individuals accepting one another for lifetime. It has been five long years since I am breathing the milieu of wedding and celebrations. I collect happiness in pictures, I collect moments that are priceless, and I tell stories. A wedding is like a story, the one you have heard and want to hear again.

Dhaai Aakhar offers you with credible services in both still and motion art. We are proficient in candid, pre wedding and wedding cinematography. The quality of our work is incomparable and so is our dedication and teamwork. We are well equipped with substantial experience and are aptly specialized in the business of wedding film making. We realize the prominence of a day that is so special to you, so allow us the opportunity of being the storyteller of the story that marks the union of two souls into a ceaseless bond…